Lauren E. Hart is an art director and graphic designer in San Francisco. Her passion for branding and experiential design took root on the beaches of Cannes, when she spotted the custom tent erected for The Da Vinci Code. As she sat in the hot sun wondering how this enormous black vinyl pyramid received enough ventilation to house a premiere party, she vowed to one day create brand expressions that were both entertaining and functional. 

Lauren has had the unique experience of working as both a creative and a project manager. She has partnered with brands big and small, including Intel, Microsoft, Dreamworks Animation and the Sundance Film Festival. A questioner at heart, she is passionate about uncovering the business objectives behind a project request before proceeding to design a strategic solution. Lauren seeks to join a creative team where she can unite her love of storytelling with the eloquence of design to create brand identities and expressions that resonate.

Lauren enjoys:

  • Evocative brand stories
  • Multi-sensory brand expressions
  • Working from a clear strategy
  • The Brand New blog
  • SEGD Talks
  • Dogs
  • YouTube dance parties
  • Lists

Lauren prefers not to hear: 

  • "Can you make this pretty for me?"
  • "I don't own a television."